Programs For The Whole Family


(ages 4-7 years old)

At Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar we introduce your child to a fun, safe environment. They learn social skills, and basic movements and work on developing better communication. In a world where one of the most frequently used words is “NO” to a child, we try to focus on positive reinforcement and redirection at Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar.

This helps build confidence, focus, and natural problem-solving skills ensuring greater success in everyone’s lives they touch. Ask us about our family discounts!

We work with your child to create better habits and pathways to use throughout their lives. It is also important for parents to be involved in the early stages of this development process to establish consistency in the students’ life.

Lil Mantis Program


(ages 8- 12 years old)

As your child gets into the double digits, they have now developed a sense of who they are and looking for more answers in life. It can be a trying time for children moving into their teens.

One of the most challenging areas is control of one’s body and how to act in different social environments while dealing with confrontation of any type.

The structure and etiquette-based teachings of Kuk Sool Won instill the exact fundamentals that a young adult needs to learn to excel in this world. While learning martial arts they are also learning to assess, leave, or control a situation as they gain responsibility that is vital to anyone’s success.


(ages 13+)

Our adult program is perfect for the challenges we all face today. Whether you’re in shape or out of shape, new or experienced in martial arts, we have a great program that is easily adjusted to accommodate people with different challenges.

Learn skills you can apply in daily situations, and be aware of your surroundings.

You will gain confidence and get in the best shape of your life while becoming more aware of everything! The Kuk Sool Won community spans the globe with no regard to politics, race, or religion. Through Kuk Sool Won people around the world are united.

Power Dragons Program
Black Belt Club


(ages 8+)

Black Belt Club (BBC) prerequisites include: must be 8+ years old, successfully promoting to yellow belt, and must be a current Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar student or parent.

When you join the Black Belt Club you make a commitment to yourself, leaving excuses behind.

Involvement in the Black Belt Club is a big deal. It takes our training in Kuk Sool Won to the next level. BBC students are the leaders in our school, take responsibility for their actions, and try to help others in a positive manner.