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through the practice of martial arts.

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LA Family Martial Arts teaches Kuk Sool Won a traditional Martial Arts system passed down over 18 generations in the Suh family. In the last 60 years Grand Master In Hyuk Suh has spread Kuk Sool Won to 62 countries worldwide with over 100 schools in the US alone! Kuk Sool Won is a comprehensive martial arts system, incorporating many facets such as throwing, grappling, hand and leg strikes, joint locks and pressure points, body and mental focus conditioning, animal style techniques, over 20 traditional Korean Royal Court weapons, martial healing methods, meditation and MORE!

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If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form, and we will answer you shortly. If you are living nearby, come visit Kuk Sool Won of Sylmar.

13788 A Foothill Blvd. Sylmar, Ca 91342


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